Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

With NZ Real Estate we offer to our users not only rent or sell their homes but showcase their properly on the market with no further trading obligation. Premarket listings allows all NZ Real Estate visitors to find their dream house before it has got listed for sale. (Read “My Price” clause for more details).

Please note NZ Real Estate portal has got various listing tags such as For Sale, For Rent and Open Home, these are market listed properties and can be purchased, tenanted and viewed. The “My Price” tags are showcase pre market properties which display a property owner’s desired price only and have no any trade obligation for such “My Price” property owners. 

No! There is no any success fees for your property listings. All the property listings have one time payment fees only.

All the “My Price” showcase pre market listed properties are subject for negotiations between you and property owners. The “My Price” property owners display their desired property price. Once negotiation agreement met it is up to the “My Price” property owners to sell or rent their property prior its market listing.

There is no access to your personal information. You control all data which is going to be shown to the NZ Real Estate audience.

Question about renting

Finding a home to rent can be difficult when you have pets. Renthub matches you with owners who are happy to have furry as well as human tenants.

Your tenant profile is a great place for you to let an owner know that you’re a responsible pet owner who will look after your home.

If you’ve just immigrated, then NZ Real Estate is perfect for you! Looking for a property in an unfamiliar country with different systems and processes can be daunting, but we take care of the whole process for you.

Once you have seen a property that you are interested in renting you will need to contact a property agent on its owner by clicking on the ‘Contact’ button beneath the property listing.


Our company has a couple of different ways that you can get to see a property that you are interested in.

We often will take a video of the property and send you a link so that you can ‘walk through’ before viewing.

If you like what you see you can then book a time to view the property. We run a number of ‘open viewings’ many of which are after work hours and on weekend for your convenience.

Each of our properties we have available for rent are on our website with a link beneath them to book in for a viewing.  Please contact “My Price” prosperity owners as it may be occupied and not yet ready for renting.

If you have a fixed term tenancy you will find details of the expiry date in your tenancy agreement. If this date passes, your tenancy becomes a ‘periodic tenancy agreement’. This ensures all parties are bound by the original tenancy terms.


You can also request a lease renewal from the owner or agent. The owner of the property has the right to renew the lease, let arrangements continue under the terms of the original lease or issue the appropriate notice requesting that you vacate the property.


It is important for you to discuss whether or not you want to continue living in the property with the property manager  well before the expiry date of your tenancy, which allows everyone to make the necessary plans and arrangements.

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